Golden Section WIN

Golden Section WIN 1.2

Golden Proportion Photoshop Plugin

"Power Retouche Golden Section is a photo-editing software plug-in solution for creating proportion guides as an aid for your photo compositions and designs.

It is compatible to work with Adobe Photoshop. This software enables you to view divine proportions in your designs like Fibonacci Sequences, Golden Section, Golden Spiral, Golden Triangles, Rule of Thirds and Harmonious Triangles.

Also, you can adjust the rectangular bounding box to any size with in the image boundaries. Division guides in Power Retouche Golden Section plug-in are fully adjustable, rotate and flip divisions any way you want.

This software works in all design software image modes, including RGB, CMYK, Grayscale, LAB, Duotone, and Multichannel in 8- or 16-bit modes.

This is an ideal plugin tool for graphic designers and digital artists to keep their compositions in proportion and balanced according to divine proportions.

Power Retouche Golden Section is simple and easy to use, you can add it to your composition as a transparent layer or with low-opacity over all your other layers.